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App Store Visualization

Interactive Art & Computational Design / Spring 2011 » Chong Han Chua | App Store Visualization | 31 January 2011

Some interesting work done by Chong Han Chua where he used a node.js script to scrape the entire appstore, saved the results in an sqlite db and wrote a Java visualisation program that groups the average colours of icons into an interactive spectrum display.  Includes full source and a video of the visualisation running.


App Store Visuaization from johncch on Vimeo.

Facial recognition API


Using the facial recognition API from face.com you can do the following, using only javascript:

  • identify all faces within a photo
  • detect whether a face is male or female
  • whether the face is wearing glasses
  • whether it is smiling

Each guess is accompanied with a probability score.

Check out this interactive widget which lets you submit any photo to the api (try your flickr account), and examine the returned data structure.