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Links for November 10th

Recommended reading

Chicken Spam

I got some quite good quality chicken spam this morning, a first – it makes for something of an entertaining read!

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Programming Jargon Gems


Stackoverflow has a great list of terms programmers have come up with where the standard jargon just didn’t cut it.  A few gems in here, see if you can guess what the following might be:

  • Yoda conditions – arrg, right up there with with leaving off the ?> in PHP, “training wheels best practices” …
  • shrug report – I get this on a daily basis
  • Egyptian brackets
  • Refuctoring – one word speaks volumes
  • Stringly typed – one of my favs – check out Yii framework if you’re unfamiliar with the concept
  • Heisenbug – an old and painful classic, I get them all the time
  • Fear Driven Development – I think we’ve all been there
  • Baklava code – this one is just begging to enter your vocabulary