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App Store Visualization

Interactive Art & Computational Design / Spring 2011 » Chong Han Chua | App Store Visualization | 31 January 2011

Some interesting work done by Chong Han Chua where he used a node.js script to scrape the entire appstore, saved the results in an sqlite db and wrote a Java visualisation program that groups the average colours of icons into an interactive spectrum display.  Includes full source and a video of the visualisation running.


App Store Visuaization from johncch on Vimeo.

How to discover the model and spec of your Mac hardware

mac hardware

Check out Mactracker on the App Store.  This free app will help you find the exact model and spec of your Mac (or iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, etc) which will make it a lot easier to figure out things like:

  • how many watts power supply you need
  • max RAM capacity
  • graphics card capability
  • speed of USB port

It turns out my mbp is “late 2008” or MacBookPro5,1, and contrary to what the Apple site and Crucial say, it has a capacity for 8GB RAM, which I think it needs.

Bookmarks for August 23rd through August 24th

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Bookmarks for August 2nd through August 17th

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Iphone devs: how to avoid rejection by Apple

Here are some very handy guidelines for avoiding rejection in the Appstore:

  • Must have more than “minimal user functionality”
  • Cannot transfer excessive data volumes over cellular network
  • Cannot simulate failures or errors
  • Cannot use PhoneGap
  • Cannot duplicate the functionality of a built-in app
  • Cannot collect personal data without permission
  • Must notify the user on internet connection failures
  • Cannot facilitate a checkout, transaction, or purchase
  • Unfiltered internet access must be rated 17+
  • Avoid public figures, celebrities, and Apple
  • Free/Lite version can’t up-sell (tricky)
  • Cannot go anywhere near Apple’s trademarks
  • Cannot mention prices in Description or app
  • No contests, giveaways, or charity donations