How to Uninstall the Median Mac App

Median is a data analysis tool available from – its a Mac app and I’m interested in website analytics so of course I installed it 🙂

It has one annoying feature which is not advertised on the website: it installs a login item which is very tricky to get rid of. In other words, the app keeps launching itself on computer restart. I wasnt happy with the software so after a few days I uninstalled it, and to my dismay the login item persisted. After something like 4 attempts I was finally able to clean it out, using the brute force method.

Sadly, despite a number of emails exchanged with the developer, to date there has been no information forthcoming about how to install the agent.

Keep in mind that after I uninstalled the app, every single time I restarted my Mac the Median graphs appeared superimposed on my desktop wallpaper and the status bar item launched. With live data!

You can quit this helper app but obviously it becomes quite annoying when it constantly relaunches. And my Google Analytics account info was being retained somewhere, despite there being no website sign up step in the installation process. I was determined to get this nuisance uninstalled.

Reviewing Launchd Is Not Enough

I wasted some time here, the developer did not use launchd to setup the service so it cannot be terminated here.

Getting Rid of Accounts Added to Median

I actually had to reinstall the Mac app in order to do this. There is a setting for Accounts, and an option to delete any accounts I added. Keep in mind this will not remove the startup task.

Success With Brute Force

If you have Median installed, restart your computer. The helper status bar app will be launched. Go to the Activity Monitor app and find the process, just search for median. Hit the info button. Go to the Open Files and Ports tab.

You will find many entries listed here. Delete every single one that has tech.median or just median in the filename.

I had a slightly shorter list of files/folders to remove because I uninstalled the app with AppZapper which successfully located around 8 associated resources with Median.

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