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This is quite a discovery, anyone who is a Virginmedia customer will be amazed.  Hopefully Google will do its thing and this solution will bubble to the top …

NB: all info is accurate and correct at the time of posting

tl;dr Email the CEO

If you want to penetrate Virginmedia’s anti-customer service shield, send your emails to

Customer Service in 2016

As many Virginmedia customers know, the company goes out of its way to ensure there is no way to contact customer service with any complaint about their service you might have.  One of the top broadband providers in the UK, Virginmedia has no publicised email contact details.

Currently the options available for contacting Virginmedia are:

  • a buried Chat option which, even if the first link says it’s available, a second click through tells you to try again as no operators are on hand
  • a premium charge customer support number, so you not only have to wait at least 20 minutes on hold, but you get the pleasure of paying to waste your time to report a problem that’s not even your fault

Google Gems Not On First Page of Results

Fed up with these options I decided to invest some time trying to discover how to contact Virginmedia.  This is a large organisation, right?  There must be some people sitting in front of computers that can deal with customers, right?

I had recently signed up for their home broadband package and instead of getting the advertised 100 mb/s broadband speed,  Virginmedia is only delivering around 3 mb/s.  This is during evening “rush hours”, which are from around 6pm to 10pm, which is pretty much the only time you want your home internet connection to work.

It turns out that the 14th result in Google for “virgin media email contact” is this rather strange item from a website that claims it hosts contact details for CEOs of big corporates:


When you click the link you are taken to a page which indeed provides the email address of the apparent CEO of Virgin Media.

I had typed a complaint email to Virginmedia reasonably voicing my complaint and up until now it had been unceremoniously bounced from emails like and, revealed from previous searches.

Not willing to be fobbed off, I shot another email to the apparent CEO of Virginmedia.  For reference, that email is

What do you think happened?

I got a call within 15 minutes

I got a phone call within 15 minutes with a very helpful chap on the end of the line who was not reading from a script, wasn’t located over 10,000 km away, and in fact was very keen to address my complaint, resolve it, and who ultimately offered me a goodwill credit sum of £60 for the poor service I had received.

Internet: 1
2016-Style Customer Service: 0

Concrete Results


Update 1

The date Virgin promised a fix for unfortunate customers in Ealing, London, UK has long gone and no fix is available.  The 100 mb/s package regular maxes out at 3 mb/s during prime time.  I complained again and this time was given only a £10 discount/month.  It seems unlikely the Virgin will be able to deliver what is promises.  I should point out that I got an almost instant response to my complaint, however, using the technique above again.

10 thoughts on “Virgin Media Email Contact

  1. I too am totally frustrated with Virgin’s appalling lack of Customer Service, in particularly their refusal to accept email complaints. Thanks to the information above, I too emailed Tom Mockridge and received a phone call from a very polite, contrite and helpful employee. I managed to get a far better deal, plus £100 credit. I’m only staying with them until Sky provide fibre BB in my area,
    Thank you so much for the invaluable email address.

  2. I’ve e-mailed TM twice, [no response] in connection with my contract not being honoured, no landline since 21/11/16, no response to complaint letters to Mark Davidson either. Now a threat to blacken my credit rating. A shambolic company.

  3. Wow, £100 credit is great, better than my £60. But the bottom line is Virgin’s ‘customer deception service’ is indeed shambolic and it should be possible for consumers, in the UK in 2017, to be refunded for being intentionally ripped off. Virgin has been lying about their ability to provide 100 mbps broadband service (as advertised) in the w5 region of London for close to 3 years now, and they are somehow able to get away with it.

  4. If you think Virgin Media Customer Service is bad then you should try British Airways – they are far worse.

  5. Hi

    I am very sorry to have to contact you as your contact centre staff have been so hopeless.
    I will explain my situation

    * been vigin customer over 8years
    * ask to move service from Roath to Cathays
    * was still being billed for house in Roath*
    Called customer service made complaint was told I won’t get a reply to the complaint
    * asked for a refund on Roath house was told it will take 5 working days 7 working days later I called back , to be told it takes 35 working days.
    My account is in credit you are holding £88 credit
    * looked at my direct debits you have taken money from my account again.
    * I made it clear to the advisor any issues with my account I will be cancelling
    * today I called up to cancel got told you will charge me £180
    * my bill should be £19:19 every month you guys been helping your selfs to my accounts
    * when I ask for my money back I get told No

    I would like to cancel my virgin account free of charge
    I Am going to EE there customer service is much better* also if you look at the notes your advisors have been making notes up
    Such as
    * customer wanted to speak to manager NO your advisor after being on the phone for 1 hour said let me put you through to my manager and cut me off
    * then he put notes on the account customer asking for —– charges back rude and attitude


    As I have spent hours in the phone for you guys to get my bill right
    Then for you guys to refund me the double charges
    Then to refund me back the overpayments you took from my account

    I wrote to virgin the beginning of may 2017 no one has responded

    I will forward this email to every trade till I get a response
    Cancel my account free of charge

  6. Thanks for this, I’ve been trying for eight months to get Virgin Media to response to my complaint. (They entered my private property without authorisation and destroyed my new driveway by digging a ugly trench through 10ft of it, just to put their cable through).
    Virgin Media have no customer service whatever. In the end I reported them to their CISAS adjudicator in an effort to get them to reply. This was a waste of time.
    Although CISAS awarded me nominal compensation for Virgin Media’s lack of customer care, the damage element was outside their remit. Basically CISAS allowed VM to get away with their appalling behaviour, and didn’t even ask them to respond to me. What good is £100 when my driveway will costs thousands to repair!

  7. I have been trying to find out how to get tv removed from my account, hardly watch tv can I get through to customer services hell no

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