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Lion Probs with Adobe AIR

Have you been seeing lots of messages like this in the Console?

02/09/2011 13:12:17.806 sandboxd: ([237]) WebProcess(237) deny file-read-data /Users/demian/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/com.adobe.AdobeStory.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1/PrivateEncryptedDatak

Or WebProcess running quite high and continuously in your task list?

It’s a problem with Adobe AIR, the solution is

  • go to /Applications/Utilties folder
  • run the AIR uninstaller
  • re-install AIR from the adobe site

That should solve the prob!

UPDATE: you may also want to repair your Keychain

Do No Evil

Google was aware that it was violating U.S. law since at least 2003 and provided “customer support” to some Canadian on line pharmacies until 2009 to help them reach U.S. customers.

If Google had been prosecuted by the government for knowingly endangering U.S. consumers, It could have tainted its famous credo of “Do No Evil.” A criminal conviction can also disqualify a company from bidding for any government contracts.

The settlement had been widely expected. Google said earlier this year that it was setting aside $500 million to resolve an investigation by the justice department but gave few details.

From a recent WSJ piece, via smooth OCR from Prizmo [iTunes link] for iPhoneNewImage