Data detectors in Lion

How good are data detectors on Lion?  Really good.  Check out this example of their integration in Apple Mail:

Inbox  13527 messages 3 unread

As in Leopard and Snow Leopard, anything that resembles a date or time is picked up if you hover the cursor over it.  But look at the dialog that appears when I accept the offer to add the event to iCal:


The app has read through the entire mail, noted the 2pm, associated it with my chosen date, and combined the two into a calendar appointment.  Not bad!

5 thoughts on “Data detectors in Lion

  1. what about mail to contacts? i feel its really buggy, doesnt add the selected text to notes anymore, and does not work half of the time (i.e. doesn’t recognise existing contacts etc). your experience?

  2. I find the data detectors always work, but not once you hit reply, only when you read the message. I also have a lot of problems with email addresses that I’ve added to Address Book, then they fail to be recognised afterwards, i.e., the email address appears in the To: field rather than just the person’s name. So far I find Address Book to be the buggiest aspect of this first release of Lion, it’s crashed many times so far. Overall, a great work in progress though 🙂

  3. I am finding that they’re not picking up dates or contact details as well as it did in snow leopard. I really love the feature, so I’m looking forward to a fix.

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