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Facebook Pages suggest to friends not working

Suggest to friends

There’s a lot of useless information in Google around why the suggest to friends feature of Facebook Pages is not working.

The essence seems to be

  • the feature is definitely broken, no one you suggest will receive emails
  • it’s been broken for over 4 months now,  possibly 6
  • Facebook doesn’t disable a broken feature, strange
  • you can kind of get around it by going to your Facebook page, then at the bottom of the left hand column, click the Share link, and either post your page to your profile (some people will see it in their news feed) or email it directly up to max. 20 people
  • why? apparently Facebook would rather users spend money on their ads to promote their pages

UPDATE: Here is a link from Dave Nattriss that explains what’s going on.  Basically a box is now sometimes available in the right hand column called the Page Suggestion Manager that let’s you see if someone’s recommended you any pages, and you can take action from there.  I was unable to see the box after a lot of browsing around, however if you use the Facebook search for the term “Page Suggestion Manager” the box appears in the RHS of the search results.