Factors affecting Google Search position

I thought it was strange when I noticed that the search result position of a customer’s site, Eureka Financial, varies depending on whether the customer was logged in or not to their Google account.  It should be noted the customer is running Adwords campaigns for their site.

But it gets even stranger – can you believe that what browser you’re using affects the result position?

Here are the variations I’ve seen so far on searches for the phrase “financial training uk”:

  • customer logged in, result position #2
  • customer not logged in, result position #40
  • me logged in (different Google acct), Safari: #37
  • me logged in (different Google acct), Firefox: #40

When you’re using a Safari browser, Google adds a client param to the url, ie, client=safari, however for firefox the param is not added.

Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Factors affecting Google Search position

  1. Indeed strange behaviour and something I have noticed.

    When doing a Google search, I try and get a genuine result set by just typing http://www.google.com, and my search query as the ‘q’ parameter (so removing all of the other junk from the request string). I know non-tech folk will never do this, but it works for me.

  2. Fierfox should have the same searching algorithm as Google.
    A factor that could and would affect the searching position is History , Preferences and Favorites. For a clean search should disable customizations based on search activity – because as a webmaster you search many keywords and enter to your site.
    Also you should not be logged in into your Google/Gmail account (i’ve had some false results with .this things and my websites appeard in the first page in SERP, but the true place was in the third or second page).
    Good luck!

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