Monthly Archives: July 2009

Building your first iPhone app

The folks over at Packt publishing have published a nice succinct overview to get you started building your first iPhone app.  Of course it’s a Hello World! program, and, despite a few errors, it serves as a useful introduction, including a brief overview of the structure of the iPhone OS .

In order to make the example work

  • ignore the references to FirstApp.m, the author is referring to FirstAppAppDelegate.m which was created for you
  • you also need to remove [window addSubview:viewController.view]; from the applicationDidFinishLaunching method

How much does it cost to build an iPhone app?

“I have an idea for an iPhone application.”

Just kidding 😉  Sure you’ve heard this phrase a million times too, and everyone wants you to sign their NDA so you can be let into their inner circle and gain access to the golden wisdom.

Turning iPhone ideas into applications is a bit dated now, with respect to some of the prices quoted which have since lowered a little, but it is a refreshing insight into what really counts when it comes to building a killer iPhone app: execution, execution, execution 🙂