iPhone Marketing Ideas

Here’s are some great ideas on how to market your iPhone project.  Spotted in a LinkedIn group and suggested by Timothy Tripp:

  1. Give the apps away to all the review sites and popular iPhone blog sites. You get 50 promo/review keys for each app. Maximize the return on those by putting them in the hands of someone who can get the word out.
  2. Try cross-licensing with other non-competing development companies.
  3. Offer to give a link to their product page if they reciprocate.
  4. If you don’t already have this feature, put a “Send to a friend” button on your apps, then when an existing user taps this generate an email with a link to the AppStore in it.
  5. Look into PurpleTalk – a link exchange program with other developers, embedded ad system and community site. This might be exactly what you need to get some low cost exposure.
  6. File an enhancement request with Apple asking for them to add many more categories to the app store and limit each app to one category. There are just too many apps in each category to ever hope to be found right now.
  7. File an enhancement request with Apple asking them to add an “App Genius” page as the home page of the App Store, that will continuously churn new apps in front of users, customized for that user based on other apps they’ve installed.

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