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Top 10 Tutorials to Develop iPhone Apps

Some interesting tutorials if you’re just getting started with iPhone dev:

  1. Objective-C and Interface Builder
  2. First iPhone Application
  3. Basic iPhone Programming
  4. Cocoa Touch Tutorial
  5. iPhone SDK Tutorial: Build a Simple RSS reader for the iPhone
  6. How to make an iPhone Application on XCode
  7. iPhone Application Tutorial
  8. iPhone Dev Sessions: How To Make An Orientation-Aware Clock
  9. iPhone Programming Tutorial – Creating a ToDo List Using SQLite Part 1
  10. Make an iPhone App Using the Envato API

Use Delicious? Got an iPhone? You need this app

Read LaterRead Later is an app that lets you save web pages on your iPhone/iPod for offline reading.  Not the first app to do that?  Well it’s integrated with so any bookmarks you tag with a to_read tag (or any tag of your choice) are detected by the app and downloaded for offline reading.

And when you’re finished reading the article on your iPhone, hitting the ‘mark as read’ button sends a request to delicious and your read_later tag is removed.  Nice, simple and clean.  And currently free in the AppStore.

The articles are a pleasure to read on the iPhone.  All flashing ads, graphics and irrelevant distractions are removed for you.  You just get the cleaned text for easy reading.  The app’s description says it best:

  • All web pages are cleaned and stripped of irrelevant adverts for easy reading on the iPhone.
  • Store hundreds of  webpages on your iPhone
  • Read Later remembers which article your were last reading
  • Sync your iPhone with your Delicious account to get our latest bookmarks

Apparently there are currently 1.5m “to_read” and similar tags on delicious so there must be a lot of folks using this system to flag articles for later reading.  Check it out.

Improve Your Blog’s Reach & Search Rankings

Here is some great advice from the SEOmoz site and their Trifecta tool:

Resources for Improving Blog Posts

Resources for Bringing Search Traffic to a Blog

Resources for Growing a Blog’s Popularity

Where to get iPhone app reviews

Here’s a list of a few iPhone review sites I’ve found recently:

I’ll be adding more as I find them, comments welcome 🙂

Another idea, from the folks at AppstoreHQ, is their ‘spoonback’ badge that reviewers can add to their reviews of your app and get themselves and you more traffic.

And another, here’s a great list of top sites offering iPhone app reviews.  There is some crossover with my list above.

And here’s a great list of Youtube iPhone app reviewers.

And here’s an independent reviewer looking for apps.

Designing an iPhone app with Adobe Fireworks

Here’s an article that explains some benefits of using Fireworks to layout iPhone apps.

Do you want to design your own iPhone app, but don’t know how to get started?

Well, Luke Kilpatrick not only runs Fire On The Bay, San Francisco’s Adobe Fireworks User Group, but he designs apps for a living. In this video interview with Robert Scoble, Kilpatrick shows how you can get started without writing any code or doing anything too hard.

Yes, it’s only a mock-up, but if you get it started like this, then you have something you can show your friends to see if they are interested before you spend a ton of cash on a development team.

Check out Fire On The Bay’s resource page here for some more tutorials and help.